Tubular Man cooler

The tubular mancooler fan typically consists of a cylindrical or tubular housing with an axial impeller or fan blade inside. The impeller is driven by an electric motor located at one end of the fan. Air is drawn in through the intake side of the fan and expelled through the exhaust side, creating a powerful airflow.

Industrial Man-cooler Fan - High Quality, Durable and Long-Lasting
The purpose of an industrial man cooler fan is to keep workers in a cool temperature while they work in an industrial unit. It is needed in industries such as molding, steel, aircraft, glass manufacturing, heavy equipment etc. They are robust machines and can work for long periods in an industrial environment. You can find them available in many different sizes and they can be customized according to your specific requirements for cooling as well. In an industrial environment where there is hardly any ventilation, these fans are put in place to keep the body temperature of people normal.

A Look At Why Man-cooler Fans Can Increase Productivity In An Industrial Environment
The reason why industrial man cooler fans are preferred is because of their high performances. They are able to give a high level of output in cooling time and again, and can be used for long hours without breakdown. They are also designed to be energy efficient so they will not consume too much electricity even if they are switched on for long periods.

The environments in which they are needed typically include shop floors, foundries, fume producing units, factories where there are a large number of workers as well as machines in a single area. They are needed for the purpose of cooling castings, generators, Workers etc. In situations wherein there is an immediate need for cooling material or machine, these are the devices to be used. The key areas where this Vayuvents Private Limited Machine is needed is for giving high air flow over a long distance and some of the industries that need it are railway shed, power plant, heavy equipment production etc. It is needed in such places because it is robust, durable and capable of working for long periods of time without any breakdown.

One type of man cooler is the tubular fan in which the impeller and motor assembly is put in circular casing along with a proper stand arrangement. As a result it can be moved from one place to another easily, even if the floor is rough. Another type of man cooler fan is the pedestal variety, which is largely used in industrial environments for employees to carry out work activities normally. It will give them a cooler environment so that they can work with ease at big machines that produce a lot of heat while working. Yet a very common type of man cooler fan is the pedestal fan wherein the fan is mounted on a steel column and has a heavy base. Such fans can be easily ported from one place to another in an industrial environment.

Industrial Mancoolers are designed to give higher Air Flow to a longer distance which is must in Industries like Glass Manufacturing, Automobile, Moulding Shop, Steel Industries, Aircraft Companies, Railway Shed, Power Plant, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing etc.

Tubular Mancoolers are constructed of high-quality axial fans and are designed for general industrial use. The mounted units are constructed on a movable base – both the inlet and the outlet are provided with screens as standard. The fan’s swivel base allows for a full 360° rotation, providing airflow from any angle. The stationary units can be adjusted for airflow in any direction.

In this type of Factory Mancoolers, the impeller and Motor Assembly is mounted in the circular casing with suitable stand arrangement. This can be moved from place to place easily even in rough floor areas.

Tubular mancooler fans offer several advantages, including :

Compact design : Their cylindrical shape and compact size allow them to be easily installed in tight spaces or connected to ductwork systems.

High airflow and pressure : They are designed to generate high-velocity airflow, which can effectively move large volumes of air and create air circulation in confined areas.

Versatile mounting options : These fans can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or at an angle, offering flexibility in installation to suit different space requirements.

Duct compatibility : They can be connected to ductwork systems, allowing air to be directed precisely to specific areas or exhaust out of the building.

Portable options : Some tubular mancooler fans come with wheels or handles, making them easy to move around and position as needed.

When using a tubular mancooler fan, it is essential to consider factors such as the fan size, motor power, airflow capacity, noise level, and any specific requirements of the application or environment. Following the manufacturer's guidelines and safety precautions is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safe operation of the fan.

SR No Fan Model Fan Dia In Inch Fan Dia (In mm) Motor Rating (HP/Pole) Frequency FZ Voltage Motor (In RPM) Overall Machine Dimensions Free Air (CFM) Volume Flow in CFM at different Static Pressure in mmwg Stock
High wide Deep 5 10 15 20 25 35 45 55
1 MC-100-28-180 18'' 450 1.0/2 50 415 2800 36'' 18'' 15'' 4500 - - 4400 - - - - - 1
2 MC-150-14-240 24'' 610 1.5/4 50 415 1440 44'' 24'' 15'' 6500 - - 6350 - - - - - 1
3 MC-200-96-320 32'' 810 2.0/6 50 415 1440 52'' 32'' 18'' 10800 - - 10500 - - - - - 1
4 MC-300-96-360 36'' 915 3.0/6 50 415 1440 60'' 36'' 20'' 15000 - - - 14800 - - - - 1


1. Fan selection is based on air at 20 celcius and density 1.2 kg/m3
2. Fan performance and tolerance as per IS 3588-1987.