Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven

A hot air oven or an Industrial oven is a device used to create hot temperatures to treat parts, condition metals, and cure metal coatings.

What are the types of Industrial Ovens ?

Industrial ovens come in two types continuous and batch. Batch Industrial ovens treat large numbers of parts at the same time while continuous ovens are normally part of larger set up and involve heating and cooling at the same time.

It is essential that we choose the right type of industrial oven depending on our requirement. The size of the oven, the maximum temperature it can reach, the fuel sources used to heat it up are basic details to consider.

On deciding the right oven for your need, we can consider using it.

How does an Industrial Oven work ?

Four primary considerations come into play for an industrial oven to work properly.

Loading your batch –

When you are geared up to begin using your oven, it is vital to have the right product load. To raise the product temperature to the optimum level, you need to consider the heat your load requires, losses from the exhaust system and the wall, heating the oven to the suitable temperature prior to loading.

Heating the oven –

The right equipment allows one to ensure that the equipment reaches the right temperature and it stays there right through the duration of the process. Reaching the required set point can be done in one of two ways.

1. Loading in the batch and setting the desired temperature with a set point controller then running the oven until it reaches that temperature.
2. Use a ramp or soak programmer and you can create several soak points or plateau temperature.

Regulating Temperature –

It is important that the temperature be properly regulated as the oven warms up. One can also consider the option of soaking where using a thermocouple the temperature variance between the product and the surrounding space is kept in control.

Cooling Down

Cooling down is essential to complete the procedure, by allowing hot exhaust air to let out of the machine while room temperature air to enter the oven and circulate.

What are Industrial Ovens used for ?

The use of Industrial ovens has been long and extensive throughout time becoming an essential part of the manufacturing and improvement of products performance and reliability.

Most common uses include –

• Sterilization
• Pharmaceuticals
• Burn-In Testing
• Sintering
• Heating Treating