Fume Extraction System For Furnace

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of a complete Fume Extraction System that includes design, manufacturing, commissioning and handover of fume extraction system Vayuvents offer an extensive range of extraction equipment to manage all forms of industrial air pollution. Industrial fume extractors are essentially heavy-duty air filtration units that are specifically designed for applications that generate high volumes of fume and dust particulate. The Fume extraction system for furnace is designed to capture the fumes emanating from Induction Furnace by placement of canopy hood over it or by side draft hood. The Furnace comes with Smoke Collection Hood of Low Hood Design, which prevent any fugitive gas emissions. The gas emissions emanating from the furnaces are collected by the smoke collection hoods and passed on to a smoke chimney / stack by natural draft.

The smoke chimney has a butterfly valve just a little above the top of the smoke hood with the help of which, the gas emissions are directed to the Air Pollution Control equipment. These gases from the point of Butterfly valve are sucked by means of a powerful vayuvents I.D. (Induced Draft) fan into the Pollution Control Equipment.

Sparks if any in gas stream are extinguished in ductwork, bends & in Heat Exchanger (Forced Draft Cooler) due to changes of direction. First, gases are passed through a tubular forced draft cooler where they get cooled by atmospheric air being blow over the tubes with the help of axial cooling fans.

The much heavier particles in the gases get settled at the bottom of the cooler. The gas with the remaining heavier particles goes to a multi-chamber Bag Filter System after which the I.D. fan is installed. When the gas passes through the filter bags, the dust present in the gases is trapped by these bags and only clean gas comes out of the Bag Filter. This clean gas is then released through the stack to atmosphere.

VAYUVENTS have installed efficient fume Extraction system for following applications :

• Fume Extraction System for Induction Furnaces in a Mini Steel Plant
• Fume Extraction System for an Electric Arc Furnace in a Steel plant
• Fume Extraction System for Shaft Furnaces in a Steel Plant
• Fume Extraction System in AOD furnaces
• Fume Extraction System on a Calcium carbide Furnace
• Fume Extraction system on induction furnaces type.
• Fume Extraction System on an Incineration kiln in a Hazardous waste plant.
• Fume Extraction System on an Incineration Kiln in a Chemical Waste.
• Fume Extraction System on an Incineration in a Medical Waste plants.
• Fume Extraction System on a Dryer in a Copper refinery.
• Acid Proof Fume Extraction Plant
• Plastic Tanks Acid Plant
• Plastic Plant for Galvanizing and more
• Any special fume extraction system in any kind of industry

Some of the features of our extraction plants include the following :

• Ensures healthy working conditions
• High separation efficiencies of 1 micron particulate and gaseous emissions are achievable.
• Customized plants and process equipment for metal finishing industries.

The Process :

• The fume extraction plants work by scrubbing the exhaust air, preventing the release of aggressive and harmful vapors into the environment
• Vapors and gases are absorbed in the scrubbing liquid and returned to the circuit
• The most important basis for calculations are the determination of the exhaust air volume and the dependence of the pretreatment plant
• Effective scrubbing and guaranteed compliance with emission limits can only be achieved through an individually designed fume extraction plant optimized on the particular application.

Applications :
As every component of these systems is made of acid proof and plastic material, these are used in following areas :

• Hot-dip galvanizing plants
• Pipe pickling plants
• Stainless steel pickling plants
• Wire pickling lines
• Electroplating / anodizing plants
• Metal finishing industries
• Surface treatment plants

Advantages :

• Fume extractor plants are specifically designed for improvement working condition and environment in industries.
• This system provides a significant advantage of less wear and tear of the machines and much lower cleaning costs.

Some of the other advantages include :

• Clean working area (surrounding)
• Hygienic working atmosphere
• High employees' acceptance
• Increased productivity
• Prevents corrosion of crane & roof structure
• Increased safety
• Fumes are condensed & recycled, optimizing material use
• Reducing waste disposal cost

Fume Extraction system comprises of following equipment :

• Suction hood
• Scrubbers
• Suction dust
• Blowers
• Chimney
• Pump or Scrubbing liquid.