Greenhouse Propeller Fan

What is Greenhouse Propeller Fan?

A greenhouse propeller fan is a type of fan that is designed for use in greenhouse environments. It helps to circulate air and improve air flow, which can help to regulate temperature, reduce humidity levels, and promote healthy plant growth. The fan typically has a large diameter and low-speed operation, allowing it to move a large volume of air in an efficient and gentle manner.

What are the components of a Greenhouse Propeller Fan?

A greenhouse propeller fan typically consists of the following components :

1. Fan Blade : This is the main component that generates air flow by spinning.
2. Motor : The motor provides the power needed to rotate the fan blade.
3. Mounting bracket : The bracket is used to securely attach the fan to the greenhouse structure.
4. Control system : Some greenhouse propeller fans come with a control system, such as a thermostat or timer, to regulate fan operation.
5. Power source : The fan requires an electrical power source to operate.
6. Safety guards : These are designed to protect the fan blades from damage and prevent debris from entering the fan.
7. Housing : The housing is a protective cover that encloses the fan components and helps to prevent dust and moisture from entering the fan.

What are the benefits of using Greenhouse Propeller Fan?

1. Improved Air Circulation :
By circulating air within the greenhouse, a propeller fan helps to reduce hot spots and prevent stagnant air, which can create an unhealthy environment for plants.
2. Better Climate Control :
The fan helps to regulate temperature and humidity levels, providing a more stable and comfortable growing environment for plants.
3. Increased Crop Yield :
Proper air circulation can help to reduce the risk of plant diseases and pests, leading to healthier plants and higher crop yields.
4. Energy Efficiency :
The low-speed operation of a greenhouse propeller fan is more energy efficient than other types of fans, helping to reduce energy costs.
5. Long-lasting :
Greenhouse propeller fans are typically durable and built to withstand harsh greenhouse environments, making them a long-lasting investment.
6. Cost-effective :
Propeller fans are generally less expensive than other types of greenhouse ventilation systems, making them a cost-effective option for many growers.

Applications of Greenhouse Propeller Fan
Greenhouse propeller fans have several applications, including :

Greenhouses : The primary application of a greenhouse propeller fan is for ventilation and air circulation within a greenhouse environment, to regulate temperature and humidity levels, and promote healthy plant growth.
Agricultural operations : Propeller fans can also be used in agricultural operations, such as barns and livestock facilities, to improve air quality and reduce the risk of disease transmission.
Industrial environments : The fans can also be used in industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, to improve air flow and reduce the risk of fire by removing flammable gases and other combustible materials.

Sr No. Fan Model Fan Dia (In mm) Motor Rating (HP/Pole) Fan (In RPM) Motor F/S (In RPM) Machine Dimensions Free Air (m3/hr) Volume Flow in m3/hr at different Static Pressure in mmwg Stock
L W H 5 10 15 20 25 30
1 EXG-75-28-120 900 1.0/4 620 1440 1000 1000 400 20000 - - 18000 - - - 1
2 EXG-25-14-120 1250 1.5/4 439 1440 1380 1380 400 25000 - - 22000 - - - 1


1. Fan selection is based on air at 20 celcius and density 1.2 kg/m3
2. Fan performance and tolerance as per IS 3588-1987.