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Axial Flow Fan / Tube Axial Fan
Belt Driven Axial Fan

Axial Flow Fan – Modern Industrial Equipment Required For Cooling And Air Supply Needs
An Axial flow fan takes in air parallel to the axis of blades that rotates around it and forces the air out in the same direction. They can create airflow at a high rate and are capable of generating air flow in large volumes. The key reason why they are needed in industrial units is for the purpose of supplying fresh air. They can also be used to suck the air coming from return air trenches and rotary filters. They can also be used for the purpose of exhausting air out.  The most common applications in which it is used are air-cooled condensers, cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers etc.

What Are The Main Qualities Of An Axial Flow Fan?
The key feature of Axial flow fan is that it makes air flow through it in an axial direction. The air that flows through is axial both at the entry and also at the exit.  The main difference between an axial fan and a centrifugal fan is the way in which both devices move air. The axial flow fan makes use of a propeller to get air into it and send the air out in axial direction.  However the centrifugal fan gets air into the blower housing using one seven types of wheels and discharges this at a ninety degree angle.

Some of the many different types of axial fans include compact fan, table fan, ceiling fan, motor vehicle cooling fan and much more.  Some of the many applications of the axial fan includes:
• Welding fume exhaust
• Spot cooling of heat generating equipment
• Cooling people in work areas with high temperature
• Enhancing airflow in a long duct work

You can consider the Vayuvents Private Limited axial fan as a type of industrial fan that has the capacity to increase pressure of the air that flows through it. The blades of the fan make air to move parallel to the shaft on which the blade is rotting. The air flow is thus axially in or axially out.  It is mainly needed in industries for the purpose of cooling machines and equipment which get very heated up after hours of usage.  The reason why this fan is named as the axial fan is because it produces airflow that is parallel to the axis. The fan has an impeller which is capable of taking in and discharging air in the same direction as is the axis. 

Tube axial fans are designed to handle a wide range of requirements, from general ventilation to process air supply. The mounting flexibility makes it an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications. Units are available as direct or belt driven, with steel or aluminum propellers that are fixed or adjustable blade pitch. Axial Flow fans are designed for applications where large volumes of air are required at moderate to high pressures. Direct and belt driven models, with fixed and adjustable blade propellers, are available. The tubular design and high wheel efficiency provides maximum performance while using minimal space.

The design of an axial flow fan is described by the casing length, fan diameter (inner dimension), casing thickness, motor/terminal box design and the accessories. All Industrial axial flow fans can be supplied as a standard with 2 to 10 mm casing gauge and a diameter from 300 mm to 1800 mm.

The application and the location of the fan determines the gauge.
For example, 2 to 4 mm is used in normal industrial installations, 3 to 6 mm below deck on ships and 8 to 10 mm above deck or in heavy duty industrial applications

Axial Flow Fan / Tube Axial Fan / Belt Driven Axial Fan
Axial Flow Fan / Tube Axial Fan / Belt Driven Axial Fan
Axial Flow Fan / Tube Axial Fan / Belt Driven Axial Fan
Axial Flow Fan / Tube Axial Fan / Belt Driven Axial Fan

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Axial Flow Fan

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Axial Flow Fan

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Technical Specifications :
Model No. Fan Size Airflow St. Pressure M.O.C
AX-1000-96-48 48 Inch 38,350 CFM 65 MMWC SS, MS
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